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Our Services

JOY Grow Bags

We Manufacture Synthetic Fabric Grow Bags, and the Basic Fabrics are Manufactured from Pure Virgin Raw materials and they are UV Inhibited, and hence, these Grow Bags are lasting for more than 6 years, even under the constant exposure to Sunlight..

JOY Tree Bags

We Manufacture JOY Tree Bags, with Which you can grow Big Trees and these Bags can with stand 150 Kgs weight and you Can easily Re Locate the Trees, as and when and whereever you Want..

Enriched Growing Medium

We Make a special Growing Medium which comprises of Cocopeat, Organic Manure, and Vermicompost .. We also Supply all these Three Articles separately also..


We Manufacture Vermi compost with the highest Purity, and it has proven to be very effective in plants growth , and we have seen its performance for the last 15 years..

Cocopeat ( 5 Kg Blocks )

We Supply 5 Kg, Cocopeat Blocks of LOW EC and also of High EC.

Vertical Garden

We Make Bags/Pots with which we can Make a Vertical Garden Setup and that can be kept in Offices and Work Places, to enhance the Ambience.

Country Seeds

We have wide varieties of Country Seeds of Vegetables and Greens..

"Stickbest" Pest Trap screens

We also have Yellow coloured Screens, where if you hang in your Terrace Garden after applying Castor Oil on both the sides, all the Pests would come and get stuck on the sheet on their own and that makes your pest control very easy..